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Internet-Based Instruction

Internet-based instruction programs offered for high school credit shall be approved by and under the supervision of the Board of Education.


  1. Only students who are enrolled in Union Public Schools shall be allowed to enroll in the Internet-based course for credit. Course fees and equipment are the responsibility of the student/parent.
  2. Students must make application to enroll in Internet-based courses through their school counselor. The principal shall appoint a certified staff member to serve as the building level contact person to assist students enrolling in internet-based courses.
  3. The principal or designee shall evaluate and approve/disapprove all students' requests to enroll in courses delivered by means of Internet-based instruction. Only those pre-approved enrollments shall be eligible for credit granted by the district.
  4. Students earning credit by means of Internet-based instruction shall participate in all assessments required by the Oklahoma School Testing Program. No student shall be allowed to participate in these assessments at a place other than the school site at which the student is enrolled.
  5. Exams relevant to the Internet-based course must be proctored by the certificate staff member assigned as the contact person.
  6. Students will only receive a maximum of 4.0 weighted grade point for Advanced courses, including Advanced Placement Courses. No weighted grades can be earned. Only students classified as grades 9-12 are eligible and may only take one Internet-based course at a time unless there is scheduling conflict.
  7. Courses offered for credit by means of Internet-based instruction shall be aligned with the Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS).
  8. To qualify for credit, Internet-based courses must be accredited.
  9. Instructors of Internet-based courses shall be: (a) certified in the content of the course offered, or (b) a faculty member at an accredited institution of higher education, possessing the specific content expertise necessary to teach the course.