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The mission of the Union Athletic Department is to help our student-athletes reach their highest academic and athletic potential; to inspire champions today and prepare leaders for tomorrow.

Go Redhawks!

The Union Spirit program  - which is part of the Athletics Department - exists to promote school spirit at Union sporting and community events. The success of Union spirit squads has led to unparalleled growth and demand for additional activities. The Union Spirit program encompasses Grades 8-12. Almost three-fourths of those squads hold some type of state, regional or national title.

Spirit Program (8-12th)

Union spirit squads are truly among the best in Oklahoma and in the United States. Varsity Pom and the Highsteppers, Union’s Varsity Dance Team, continue their tradition of excellence, racking up state and national accolades as well. They are outstanding performers and are an integral part of all football, basketball and wrestling events.  In addition, spirit squads perform at pep rallys, kick-offs and other school events.  Most importantly, they instill pride, character and teamwork in their members and offer students many valuable opportunities to develop skills that will stay with them for a lifetime to come.


The Union Spirit program provides positive, challenging programs in which dedication to excellence and promotion of school spirit is emphasized. Through a consistent, disciplined and leveled approach, parents, coaches and administrators work together to ensure each squad member receives the following benefits of the program:

  • Competency in many movement forms and proficiency in a few movement forms
  • Knowledge and application of movement concepts and principles to the learning and development of motor skills
  • Maintenance of a health-enhancing level of physical fitness
  • Knowledge and application of positive personal and social behavior in physical activity settings
  • Knowledge and application of respecting differences among people in physical activity settings
  • Knowledge and application of physical activity and the enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interaction that comes from physical activity

In addition being a competitive member of a Union Spirit Squad will provide an:

  • Increased level of physical fitness and performance skills in a safe environment
  • Ability to work as a contributing member of a team, sharing the team's common goal and purpose
  • Ability to respect themselves, peers and adult authority figures
  • A clear understanding and demonstration of the rules of good sportsmanship
  • Increased academic performance level

Students are required to tryout to be a member of a secondary spirit squad. Spirit clinics will be held each spring and are supervised by an assistant athletic director and the coaches from each discipline. All candidates must attend everyday of spirit clinics to tryout.  Tryouts take place in the spring for the following year. 

Spirit Squads


Athletics Office
6836 S. Mingo Road
Tulsa, OK 74133
Phone 918-357-7410
Fax 918-357-7499


Emily Barkley
Director of Athletics


Joe Redmond
Associate Athletic Director 

Kirk Fridrich

Kirk Fridrich
Associate Athletic Director 

Stephanie Blackwell

Stephanie Blackwell
Athletics Coordinator


Gold Key Club

Union Public Schools invites senior citizens to become Gold Key Club members and attend any of our school-sponsored activities as our guest.

The Gold Key Pass gives Union supporters who are at least 62 years of age and living on a retirement income free admittance to home athletic events as well as the many outstanding performances and programs hosted by the Union Fine Arts Department.

For more information about obtaining a Gold Key Pass, call the Education Service Center at 918-357-4321 or email us.

Spirit In Photos

High Schoolers run across Union Tuttle Field with flags U, H, S and the American flag
6th Grade teachers perform a skit at a pep assembly
Union Board of Education members play with beach ball after graduation
Band instructor turns her pigtails into a U
Union spirit team
Union spirit team performance
Hands throw the U with sun behind them
Spirit team with bags packed pose for group picture
3 union girls wearing Union shirts
Union teen boy runs with American flag
Union Cheer performs
Union teachers throw the U behind a football helmet
Union spirit team dances in gym
Union spirit performance
Young person jumps into air in front of lockers
Highsteppers perform on stage
2 Union teen boys with Renegade Regiment, one in oversized glasses
Sun sets over four sitting girls
Union educator jump into the air
Union spirit performance
Union spirit performance
Spirit Coach wear crazy glasses
Spirit members jumps into the air
This Must be The Place sign next to smiling girl
Union girl plays with yo-yo
Union High School students holds up foam spirit hands
Crowd scene from a Redhawks football game
High School students lay on a Cupid sign
Fireworks over Union Tuttle Stadium
Spirit members gather around an infant and little girl
Union spirit team  sits next to Cheer championship blanket
Coach Kirt Fridrich sits next to 5 High School students
Highsteppers dance on field
UVP Officers 2023-2024
Assistant Superintendent Sandi Calvin poses with ESC receptionist with her finger like a dancer
Union spirit team performs
Highsteppers performance during football game
Union spirit team jumps at camera
Mom and infant dressed as a football
Highsteppers perform during a halftime Redhawks football game
Union spirit team
Mom, dad and girl in cheer outfit at a Redhawks game
Union spirit team - 6 faces
Union spirit team performance - Union Cheer
Union spirit team performance
Union spirit team